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Feature: Entropy by Valentina De’ Mathà

From its beginnings, Valentina De’ Mathà’s research has investigated the dynamic and unstable relationships between man and nature, through the perspective of mutation, inquiring into the laws of cause and effect which govern the fluctuations between these two poles and their metamorphosis. In this installation presented at the Limonaia di Villa Saroli, the artist once [...]

Event: Entropia

Valentina De’ Mathà Entropia Limonaia di Villa Saroli, Museo d’Arte di Lugano 15 aprile –14 giugno 2013 La nuova mostra alla Limonaia di Villa Saroli è visibile, annusabile, e potremmo dire anche commestibile da lunedì 15 aprile. Valentina De’ Mathà (Avezzano, 1981) ha installato infatti nello spazio espositivo un lunghissimo fratino ottenuto con assi gialle [...]

Invited: Valentina De’ Mathà’s Corpi Rossi

Valentina De’ Mathà Corpi Rossi a cura di Maria Savarese in giuria al 6° Premio Internazionale Arte Laguna   D.A.F.NA. Home Gallery via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, 76, 80135 – Napoli   13.dicembre.2012 – 13-febbraio.2013 Vernissage mercoledì 12.12.2012 dalle ore 18:30 alle 21:00 Anteprima Stampa martedì 11.12.2012 ore 12:00

Take pleasure with artist Valentina De’ Mathà

We are pleased to feature two new works of art by artist, Valentina De’Mathà… Hair & Wool [installation] This is a work based on the Human Genome Project. One of the main findings of the project is that all races are equal to 99.99% I collected the hair of all ethnic groups from all over [...]

Valentina in Venice

We last updated you that Valentina de’Mathà had been chosen to participate in the 54th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale Pavilion Italy/Abruzzo. Her piece, Silenzio, was featured in the first print edition of See.7. We were thrilled to get a few images from the actual show, including a few behind-the-scene looks at putting the installation [...]

Valentina de’ Mathà at the 54th Venice Biennale

We are thrilled to report that Valentina de’ Mathà has been invited to show in the Italian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale.  Her installation, “Silenzio” was featured in Issue One of See.7, which released in December 2010.  She was also featured in one of our first blogs, where she describes her work. Silence. White [...]

Artist Valentina De’ Mathà (Switzerland)

What inspires you? My work is a continuous search for variable human behavior in the face of change and emotional instability. Describe your artistic medium and your point of view as an artist: I always start a project with a concept, then take it through a series of processes. In fact, I love being in [...]

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Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
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