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Find of the Week: Covered in Art

This week we feature the art of Andy Golub, who often uses the nude body as his canvas.  Photos by Arthur Eisenberg.

Roger Weiss: Human Dilatations

Artist & Photographer Roger Weiss shares his latest project, Human Dilatations. The image of women of our times has been reduced to a pattern, a combination of codes and models that lead to the woman/individual instead of the other way around. Human Dilatations does not fear the marks of frailness of the body and its [...]

Feature: Body Language by José Ferreira

Photographer Jose Ferreira describes his latest work, part documentary, part editorial, “Body Language,” exclusively for See.7. Inspired by Leonard Nimoy’s project The Full Body, “Body Language” arises from a pertinacious interest in the female figure.  It is a portrait free of prejudice, beyond the so commonly idealized beauty cliché of the “perfect woman.” Free from [...]

Photographer Elad David focuses on the Male (Israel)

Photographer Elad David was born in Jerusalem and has been living and working in Tel Aviv since 2003.  He graduated from Minshar School of Arts, he holds a B.A. in Arts and Social Sciences. As a professional photographer, Elad specializes in fashion, portraiture and PR photography. In his photographs and projects, Elad deals with, among [...]

Speaking with photographer Paolo Prisco (Monaco)

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m an Italian Fashion and Beauty Photographer, originally from Milano, living and working in South of France, at the borderline of the charming seaside country, the Principality of Monaco. A former Art student, then philosophy Bachelor at Milano’s Statale University (Università degli Studi), I started my career as fashion [...]

Under the Skin with Tomek Jankowski

Tissue is a metaphorical journey through the world of  passages of life and death.  It’s the collective work of four people, who’s goal it was to approach the mystery of the evolution via the human body and it’s organs.  The initial concept and materials were provided by Bogna Rzad, stylist and theatre costume designer.  She [...]

An Interview with Photographer Michael Morrison (New York City)

Tell us a little about yourself. My photographs have been commissioned and featured in publications around the world, with clients and multiple exhibitions in both in the US and Canada. I received a Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as a Bachelor [...]

Photographer Alexey Dubinsky (Russia)

Photographer Alexey Dubinsky’s latest editorial “Swept Away” is now available exclusively for See.7 online.  We took a few minutes to catch up with Alexey on his life and inspiration.  He shares his favorite works to date, including an outtake from “Swept Away.” Tell us a little about yourself? I was born in 1985 in the [...]

Photographer Boris Ovini (France)

Photographer Boris Ovini features his latest work, “Awake & Arise” at See.7 online. His work delves into the psyche of the modern women, with images that are raw and accessible. The fashion never gets in the way of the emotion, but rather enhances it.  And the breadth of emotion varies. “Awake & Arise” walks the [...]

Becoming Bioroid: Behind the Scenes

Photographer Tomek Jankowski goes behind-the-scenes on his recent exclusive editorial, “Becoming Bioroid.” How did you end up working with Dorota, a photographer, as your model? Before our photography sessions, Dorota and I were complete strangers.  Sure, we’ve exchanged a few posts on photography community websites, but those were only courtesy portfolio commentaries.  Yet something was [...]

Fashion is global.
Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
lives. By being part of
the global fashion
village, our own choices
inform others.

Every issue focuses on
each of the continents,
exploring the lives of
those who live and
work in each area.
See.7 magazine distills
this concept into words
and images through the
eyes of photographers,
stylists, art directors,
artists and writers from
around the world.
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