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Find of the Week: Paper No. 9

This week we bring you Brooklyn design lab Paper No. 9, and their re-contextualization of paper as a fashion material.  And who doesn’t love their little, but super chic “2am Clutch Bag.”  (Sass Brown) Visit EcoFashionTalk to get a full overview of design lab Paper No. 9. For more information, visit Paper No. 9’s site.

Invited: Gala Nocturna, “The Pope’s Daughter”

March 30, 2013: 7th edition of Gala Nocturna This year’s theme is “The Pope’s Daughter”, a revival of Vatican Renaissance.  Join the most beautiful neo-romantic ball in the world!  This year for the 7th time, in a fantastic Baroque church in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. Wonderful acts, heavenly music, special drinks and, above all, [...]

Find of the Week: Beatrice Oettinger

Beatrice Oettinger constructs dreams and fabricates magic.  She creates garments fit for a fairy princess; Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be honored to wear one.  Fascinated by the magical clothes of myth and legend such as Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, who wore a garment of saffron, and Hera, the wife of [...]

Find of the Week: InAiscse

New York brand InAiscse streamlined silhouettes, and geometric lines invoke a Zen like minimalism, while the minimal use of tone on tone color, and strictly limited color palette from matte black through charcoal and steel grey, intuitively invoke a tribal, nomadic quality, compounded through depth and variation of texture. (Sass Brown) Visit EcoFashionTalk to get [...]

Invited: Valentina De’ Mathà’s Corpi Rossi

Valentina De’ Mathà Corpi Rossi a cura di Maria Savarese in giuria al 6° Premio Internazionale Arte Laguna   D.A.F.NA. Home Gallery via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, 76, 80135 – Napoli   13.dicembre.2012 – 13-febbraio.2013 Vernissage mercoledì 12.12.2012 dalle ore 18:30 alle 21:00 Anteprima Stampa martedì 11.12.2012 ore 12:00

Find of the Week: Narelle Dore

Renowned for her fine and unexpected use of macramé, which runs through each piece in Narelle Dore’s collection, each piece is hand crafted in her Antwerp atelier, and a reminder of her background in textiles prior to her education at the Royal Academy.  Produced entirely in Belgium, Dore only produces a single collection a year, [...]

Find of the Week: Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith is an artisan who works with unconventional material expressions through the discipline and tradition of basket making techniques.  Smith’s exploration of vessels, packets, and purses from willow, look like treasured aboriginal artifacts from a native America tribe, an ancient expression of functionality and aesthetics through the single material of willow. (Sass Brown) Visit [...]

Peculiar Works of Art

Jewelry designer Emilia Kohut describes her work: The main objective in my designs is to leave traditional jewelry behind and create separate segments of objects to wear.  Every object has to be peculiar and encourage observation from every side.  Each piece has to operate independently and without context. Combining amber with corian, resin and other [...]

Behind the Scenes with Masha Ru (Netherlands)

Tell us a little about yourself and your introduction to photography. Since childhood, I have been following a dual path, attending technical classes in physics and programming and being strongly involved in fine arts (theatre, literature, photography). I received my PhD in applied mathematics (image analysis and nanotechnology) and graduated with honors in photography with [...]

Take pleasure with artist Valentina De’ Mathà

We are pleased to feature two new works of art by artist, Valentina De’Mathà… Hair & Wool [installation] This is a work based on the Human Genome Project. One of the main findings of the project is that all races are equal to 99.99% I collected the hair of all ethnic groups from all over [...]

Fashion is global.
Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
lives. By being part of
the global fashion
village, our own choices
inform others.

Every issue focuses on
each of the continents,
exploring the lives of
those who live and
work in each area.
See.7 magazine distills
this concept into words
and images through the
eyes of photographers,
stylists, art directors,
artists and writers from
around the world.
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