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Behind the Scenes: Beggar King

View the complete story, “Beggar King,” by photographer Liz Dungate.

Feature: Amanda Harris

Amanda Harrisson, a recent fashion print graduate from Central Saint Martins, has a unique talent for incorporating illustration into fashion.  Her final collection of hand-drawn black and white portraits of contemporary icons took over 300 hours to draw.  She stated, “I wanted to create a fully hand drawn collection, and my inspiration came from looking [...]

Find of the Week: Covered in Art

This week we feature the art of Andy Golub, who often uses the nude body as his canvas.  Photos by Arthur Eisenberg.

Feature: Entropy by Valentina De’ Mathà

From its beginnings, Valentina De’ Mathà’s research has investigated the dynamic and unstable relationships between man and nature, through the perspective of mutation, inquiring into the laws of cause and effect which govern the fluctuations between these two poles and their metamorphosis. In this installation presented at the Limonaia di Villa Saroli, the artist once [...]

Find of the Week: Feral Childe

Feral Childe is a bi-coastal design collaboration that consists of Moriah Carlson, based in Brooklyn, New York, and Alice Wu based in Oakland, California.  The designers both hail from a fine arts background and produce a smart, wearable women’s wear collection, from sustainable materials, proudly manufactured in New York’s garment district.  (Sass Brown) Visit EcoFashionTalk [...]

Roger Weiss: Human Dilatations

Artist & Photographer Roger Weiss shares his latest project, Human Dilatations. The image of women of our times has been reduced to a pattern, a combination of codes and models that lead to the woman/individual instead of the other way around. Human Dilatations does not fear the marks of frailness of the body and its [...]

Find of the Week: Stella Jean

Stella Jean is a young Italian Haitian designer, born and working in Rome. Her refined collection of African waxed cotton prints evokes a retro fifties chic using men’s shirt fabric and expressed through an impeccable European cut. (Sass Brown) Visit EcoFashionTalk to get a full overview of designer Stella. For more information, visit Stella’s site.

Event: Entropia

Valentina De’ Mathà Entropia Limonaia di Villa Saroli, Museo d’Arte di Lugano 15 aprile –14 giugno 2013 La nuova mostra alla Limonaia di Villa Saroli è visibile, annusabile, e potremmo dire anche commestibile da lunedì 15 aprile. Valentina De’ Mathà (Avezzano, 1981) ha installato infatti nello spazio espositivo un lunghissimo fratino ottenuto con assi gialle [...]

Feature: Sergei Polunin by artist Anna Dart

Sergei Polunin. I saw him performing for the first time watching in an elegant film for Dior Homme, directed by Bruce Weber.  His dancing was so beautiful, like the music itself,  so pure like W.A. Mozart’s Lacrimosa or Paganini’s Caprice N 24, or the melody of the rain itself. When I was a young girl, [...]

Find of the Week: Lilah Horwitz

Lilah Horwitz is a site-specific fashion designer, using found fabrics.  She makes clothes as a means of visual documentation contextualized by her location, rather than the more usual seasonal collection of fashion designs.  (Sass Brown) Visit EcoFashionTalk to get a full overview of Lilah Horwitz. For more information, visit designer Lilah Horwitz’s site.

Fashion is global.
Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
lives. By being part of
the global fashion
village, our own choices
inform others.

Every issue focuses on
each of the continents,
exploring the lives of
those who live and
work in each area.
See.7 magazine distills
this concept into words
and images through the
eyes of photographers,
stylists, art directors,
artists and writers from
around the world.
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