A Year Complete: “B Album”

In March 2012, photographer Tomek Jankowski offered his first series of images capturing the life of emerging supermodel Basia Szkałuba (IMG/Gaga), one month at a time.  It’s now February 2013, and we’ve traveled through four seasons to reach the final destination of Basia’s amazing journey.

See the final edition: B Album: February.

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Fashion is global.
Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
lives. By being part of
the global fashion
village, our own choices
inform others.

Every issue focuses on
each of the continents,
exploring the lives of
those who live and
work in each area.
See.7 magazine distills
this concept into words
and images through the
eyes of photographers,
stylists, art directors,
artists and writers from
around the world.
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