Feature: “Same, But Different” by Sophia Kahlenberg

Our goal at See.7 is to appreciate the cornucopia of ideas the world has to offer.  As we begin a new year, we hope for greater understanding and peace among all the world’s peoples.

Photographer Sophia Kahlenberg explains the inspiration behind her latest editorial, “Same, But Different.”

“Same, But Different” assumes that we all believe in something, it may just not be the same thing.  This story plays with the different views different religions and cultures have on the world.  The five outfits represent the five main religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.  They are all included in this one story to show that we need to respect each other; that it is interesting to listen to different opinions and to think about different values and ideas.  The world will eventually end for all of us, but until that happens, we all share this world together.  And instead of fighting against each other we should rather accept and appreciate our differences.

See the full story.  To learn about photographer Sophia Kahlenberg, visit her site.

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Fashion is global.
Across all seven
continents people
create, innovate, share,
swap and reappropriate
clothing every day to
suit their style, to
express their personal or
cultural identity.  By
being aware of the
world around us, we
become aware of the
opportunities that exist
to identify or
differentiate our own
lives. By being part of
the global fashion
village, our own choices
inform others.

Every issue focuses on
each of the continents,
exploring the lives of
those who live and
work in each area.
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