Photographer Greta Tuckute (Denmark)

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Greta, I’ve just turned eighteen and I currently live in Denmark.  I started out experimenting with photography at the age of thirteen and since then it has been my greatest passion.  Today I mostly shoot portraiture, fashion and travel photography.

Your work has a maturity to it, which is quite startling considering that you are only 18 years old. How do you explain this?

A lot of photographers start as adults, but I was lucky to discover photography at a very early age.  I consider myself extremely stubborn, so I’ve had some years to develop and experiment with my photographic style.  I’m aware of the fact that I’m basically just a teenager with a camera, so I do my best to make my work stand out, so hopefully people can look beyond that.

Your work is full of sharp contrasts–colors, shadows, shapes, etc–how do you approach each image or story?

I spend hours, days and weeks researching and looking for inspiration for new shoots. Moreover, an important approach toward each story is obviously choosing the right model.  I love finding new, unique and inspiring faces, which really makes me eager to shoot and create – it naturally starts visions and ideas in my mind. However, when the model and basic idea is set, I often get a lot of spontaneous ideas for each image and the shoot evolves into something completely different.

Your recent story for See.7, “Young Majestic” has a painterly quality to it. How did you approach this story and the model?

Thank you very much!  I was actually thinking a lot about paintings while editing it.  My main idea was to create something aesthetically beautiful, but mystical and peculiar as well.  The model was stunning and really special, so the styling had to bring out some of her extraordinary features.  On top of that, I wanted to find perfection in the imperfect and I aimed to make it both bold and fragile at the same time.

You were born in Lithuania and now work in Copenhagen. How do these two places effect your work?

I actually currently live in Aalborg, but I’m hoping to move to Copenhagen next year. I think I’m mostly affected by the Scandinavian style in my photography – I like to keep it simple, clean and minimal.

What’s next for you?

The next big step is graduating high school this summer and after that, I don’t know what’s next.  Some of my greatest wishes are to do an InterRail trip through Europe and to climb one of the world’s highest mountains, Aconcagua in Argentina with my camera in my backpack.

See Greta Tuckute’s story “Young Majestic.” Learn more on her site.

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