“Automatic” by designer Sarmite Ostanevica (AW12)

Photographer Carine Outtou photographs designer Sarmite Ostanevia’s new fall line.

Sarmite Ostanevica’s AW/12 collection draws its inspiration from the mechanical world. The combination of shape, color and texture accumulate in the production of a collection that is not only striking but warm, comfortable and perhaps most importantly wearable for the contemporary and elegant woman.

Through the study of the complex construction of mechanical devices Sarmite has taken and simplified the main shapes applying the themes to the tailoring of her garments. The dominant use of geometric shapes and the combination of metallic shades of bronze, gunmetal and rust instill the mechanic theme within the collection through shape and color. Alongside this texture is an important facet of the collection and thus a mix of Italian Wool Blends, Silks, Tweeds and printed fabric will be used in order to contrast the clean and structural forms of mechanical parts with the gritty nature of its various functions. Utilizing finishing techniques such as asymmetrical hem lines, exposed darts, knitwear trims and top-stitching the collection will translate the masculine mechanic theme into a collection of feminine pieces.

The range will also be accessorized with metallic and knitwear necklaces and a small collection of hand bags to allow the wearers a sense of congruency and completion to the mechanic theme.

The combination of the mechanic theme with Sarmite’s tailoring skills create of a collection of striking garments designed for the modern, intellectual woman.


Photographer: Carine Ottou
Models: Daniela Rotaru & Filippa
Assistant Photographer & Lighting: Feifei Li
Make-up & Hair: Joana Ascenso
Stylists: Amelie Rousseau & Dario Bentivegna
Set Assistant & Graphic Designer: Pauline Rousseau

Visit designer Sarmite Ostanevica’s site for more information.

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