Photographer Alexey Dubinsky (Russia)

Photographer Alexey Dubinsky’s latest editorial “Swept Away” is now available exclusively for See.7 online.  We took a few minutes to catch up with Alexey on his life and inspiration.  He shares his favorite works to date, including an outtake from “Swept Away.”

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in 1985 in the city of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea coast.  Photography became a part of my life in 2004.  My first camera was digital, but after less than half a year, I finally had a chance to work with film.  For me, photography is not a reflection of reality, but rather the fictional world with my sense of beauty.  The places where I was born, raised and currently live, have had the greatest impact on me.  The color blue, as a symbol of the sea, is often present in my photographs.

You go back and forth between nudes and landscapes. Is this because they are so different, or so alike?

People and landscapes are inseparable.  I started with landscapes, but I always wanted to shoot people.  And it is rather an exciting opportunity when you can combine your emotional landscape with human beauty.

Each of your images have a strong sense of composition. Is each image meant to be a story, whether separate or in a series?

I often try, in one or more photographs, to reveal the whole subject.  Series involve a language of narrative and more photos.  I am currently working on several series which I hope to finish this year.

Old and new, decrepit and beautiful…your work is often a study in contrasts and dualities. Why is this so important in your work?

Honestly, I never thought about it.  But, I can say that I like Soviet architecture, which at the moment is forgotten.  Sometimes I use abandoned Soviet buildings as decoration.  All eyes are on the west, while forgetting about our own great past.  The combination of human vulnerability and omnipotence of the nature surrounding it, has always inspired me.

Does where you live and work play effect your work as a photographer?

Places where I live and work very much affect on me.  As I mentioned, the sea is reflected in my work.  It is an endless theme, the interaction between man and water.

What’s next?

In the future, I plan to work on more series.  They are interesting to me at the moment, rather than separate shots.  I would like to see consistency in my shots, as well as the continuing formation of my own style.

For more information, visit Alexey Dubinsky’s website.

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